November 11, 2017....The 25th year of CHEER FOR CHILDREN and our Gratitude event is Noon - 2pm at South Pointe High School. A public family and community event that explodes with inclusion and diversity, encompassing hundreds of students and adults, all who come to inspire and to be inspired.  We sing. We dance. We play games. We have our faces painted. We share energetic and powerful lessons of caring,kindness, paying it forward and most of all....gratitude!   Come and join us!  Ring the "Bell of GRATITUDE".  Everything is FREE!  You are invited! 

Everyone here is an MVP...a More Valuable Person!  We are all here with great Gratitude.  It is EPIC!  Enjoy the pictures from November 2016 and come out this year experience our Gratitude event for yourself!  Bring someone with you!  You will be glad you did!